Matt Joyce

Former MLB All Star

Matt Kubancik has been an e-commerce entrepreneur for over 2 decades and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Guardian Baseball, named the fastest growing e-commerce startup by Inc Magazine in 2022
Matt Joyce is a former 14 year MLB All-Star, who retired after the 2021 season, and is a full fledged entrepreneur who is behind the F45 franchise in the suncoast of Florida, founder of Empire Baseball League, a professional independent baseball league in upstate New York and a Co-Owner of Guardian Baseball
Joyce & Kubancik will be discussing
Past experience in e-commerce and what led Matt Kubancik to start Guardian Baseball with Co-Founder Zev Bernard
Past entrepreneurial and playing experience and how is relates to building and growing an e-commerce business by Matt Joyce
How to find the right athlete for your business.
How to leverage and market athlete ownership and endorsements online in 2023
How to contact, approach and work with professional athletes.