Meny Hoffman

Founder of PTEX, MC at ASGTG event

Founder of PTEX, MC at ASGTG event
As the CEO of Ptex Group, an award-winning marketing agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Meny works with emergent brands spanning a variety of industries throughout North America, Europe and Israel, to create sophisticated marketing solutions that help clients achieve new milestones in growth.
Meny is also the creator of Let’s Talk Business, a periodic email series sent to over 15,000 subscribers, which discusses effective expansion strategies for budding businesses.
These dual roles led Meny to found the LTB Business Summit, lauded by the media as "North America's first business conference for Jewish entrepreneurs."​ This game-changing movement is helping countless entrepreneurs flourish by providing them with powerful educational tools needed to learn, grow and lead.
In addition, Meny frequently shares his strategies for success at public-speaking engagements for regional corporations and trade associations and published two books ranked as Amazon bestsellers