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by ED Rosenberg ASGTG #8


You can now purchase videos from 2022 event and previous years.

8th Annual Asgtg Event The Super Bowl of Amazon Sellers Event

The annual ASGTG event/meetup has become the yearly highlight for sellers throughout the world and is likely the most spoken about Amazon Sellers event of the year - truly a standout among the rest. It's no wonder it was voted one of the top Amazon Sellers events to attend. The event is a gathering of the ASGTG Sellers group platform.

NEW! Pre-Event MAY 10

NEW! Stunning Exclusive Luxury Suite  Networking Event at Yankee-BlueJays Game for High Net Worth Sellers
Where: Exclusive Luxury Suite at Yankee-BlueJays Game
For: High Net-Worth Sellers
Gourmet Dinner Included

Full Day 8th Annual ASGTG Event MAY 11

Connects Amazon's top sellers with Amazon experts, speakers, and others who strive to succeed in the marketplace.
Where: Kol Yakov, Brooklyn NY
For: Private label and Amazon Resellers
Includes WORLD FAMOUS lavish Buffet Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.
Warm & Friendly ASGTG Community

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Recap ASGTG 2020- The Super Bowl Of Amazon Seller Events.

Amazon selling has become extremely popular since opening an account and selling products on Amazon is fairly simple. Remaining compliant, competitive and profitable, on the other hand, is not at all.

Recap ASGTG 2019 - A Remarkable Amazon Sellers event.

ASGTG started as a simple idea with a profound mission: to connect sellers with other sellers, and to face the major issues seen by Amazon sellers as a united voice..

The Magical ASGTG Amazon Yearly Sellers Event (#8)

ASGTG started out as a WhatsApp group with the goal of networking like-minded sellers to solve Amazon compliance issues which at the time was a literal black box & right and wrong were completely indiscernible. Today ASGTG is known throughout the global seller’s community as the home of the pro-TOS, sane, Amazon sellers looking to run....

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Videos of this event and the past event can be purchased... HERE

ASGTG 2020 6th annual Pulse of the Amazon Marketplace #Brooklyn NY Summary Recap

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AGSTG 7th annual Aug 25th Amazon Sellers event. Brooklyn NY (ED Rosenbergs Event's)

Speakers ASGTG event speakers always focus on actionable real life content & takeaways to implement next day. No pitching whatsoever is done.

Ed Rosenberg

Leader of ASGTG

Michal Baumwald Oron

CEO & Co-Founder of Fortunet

Jared Orkin

Seasoned entrepreneur

Menny Hoffman

Founder of PTEX, MC at ASGTG event

Tim Jordan

Executive strategy consultant

Sheiva Sajadpour

Multiple 7 Figure Brands Built

Zev Steen

CEO & Co-Founder of MirageID

Ehud Segev


Anthony Cofrancesco

Education Manager at PickFu

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