ASGTG powered by AI

by ED Rosenberg

by ED Rosenberg


Focusing on AI Technology in The Amazon Space. Voted as one of the top Amazon Sellers events to attend, the ASGTG convention brings together the elite members of the ASGTG Sellers community for an extraordinary gathering of knowledge, networking, and inspiration.

* Product Development With AI
* ⁠Using AI Assistants
* ⁠Prompt Engineering
* ⁠Integrating ChatGPT Into Your Daily Platforms
* ⁠Creating Tools From Scratch
* ⁠Mastering Advertising With AI
* All day Lavish Gourmet Food (Upgraded Summer Menu) ⁠& so much more!
 *1703 McDonald Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230

ASGTGAI July 31, 2024

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July 31, 2024

Who is this for? Marketplace and DTC Private Label and Resellers

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All of our guest speakers at ASGTG events consistently deliver practical, real-world content with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately. You can rest assured that there is absolutely no pitching allowed.


Ed Rosenberg


Izabella Ritz


Perry Belcher


Ritu java


Max Hofmann


Victor Rosenman


Jamie Davidson


Paul Baron

Kaleigh Miller

Kevin King

Jon Derkits

Tim Jordan

Mark Casey

Yael Cabilly

Jason Hanan

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