All of our guest speakers at ASGTG events consistently deliver practical,
real-world content with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.
You can rest assured that there is absolutely no pitching allowed.


Ed Rosenberg

Leader OF ASGTG Sellers community. E-commerce Professional for 25 years and has built multiple PL brands.

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Izabella Ritz

CEO & Founder of Ritz Momentum

Brand & Product Development With AI

Speech Takeaways:

Join me for a dynamic session where I'll demystify how AI can be your ultimate tool in branding and product development, even if you're not a tech guru! Here’s what you’re going to discover:

Simplicity at Its Finest: Learn how AI tools require nothing more than your ideas and a few clicks to revolutionize your brand and products.

Customization Capabilities: I'll show you how to use AI to customize your Amazon products and brand identity, making them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

 Speedy Innovations: Get ready to find out how to bring your ideas to life in minutes, not weeks, keeping you ahead in the fast-paced online retail environment.

Budget-Friendly Strategies: Discover how AI provides a cost-effective approach to high-quality branding and product development, ensuring your resources are maximized.

Creativity Amplified: See how AI isn’t here to replace your creative touch but to enhance it, making your brand truly unforgettable.

Prepare to Leave Empowered: You'll walk away ready to use AI to make your brand and products on Amazon not just seen, but remembered.

Paul Baron

Digital Pioneer & Authentic Brand Builder, Founder & CEO of Influx Catalysts

AI Assistants.

Speech Takeaways:


What You Will Learn:

  • AI Assistants vs. Custom GPTs: Gain a foundational understanding of AI Assistants and how they compare to and outperform Custom GPTs, especially in the realms of marketing strategy and content creation.
  • Building Brand Voices with AI: Learn the secrets to crafting an AI Assistant that captures and communicates with your brand’s unique voice across all platforms, ensuring a consistent and tailored marketing message.
  • Strategizing with AI: Understand how AI Assistants can streamline the development of marketing strategies, from identifying buying beliefs to executing precise email marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

What You Will Be Able to Implement:

  • Customize AI for Your Marketing Needs: Walk away with the knowledge to create and customize your own AI Assistant that aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives, boosting efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Content Strategy: Apply AI-generated insights to craft compelling content that engages your target audience, leveraging the assistant's ability to analyze trends, generate creative ideas, and produce content that clicks.
  • Solve Real Business Challenges: Use practical workshop insights to tackle common Amazon business pain points, utilizing AI Assistants to optimize operations and elevate your marketing game.

Perry Belcher

Specializing in the digital sales side of the force.

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Max Hofmann

Co-Founder of BidX

7 AI-Driven Strategies to Master Amazon Advertising


Leverage AI for Keyword Research:

Use AI tools to find and target the most effective keywords for your products.


Automate and Optimize Campaigns:

Leveraging AI to analyze and optimize ad campaigns on Amazon for better performance and higher ROI.


Improve Data-Driven Decisions:

Analyze large amounts of data to gain insights and make smarter decisions.


Creative Optimization:

Use AI to test and optimize ad creative elements, improving ad performance.

Ritu Java

CEO & Co-Founder of PPC Ninja

Take 30 minutes to Build a Micro tool with AI + Google Sheets, to shave HOURS off your Advertising Tasks


  1. You will learn how to engineer the best prompts.
  2. You will get ideas of micro tools that can be created to improve your team’s productivity.
  3. You will learn how to integrate ChatGPT inputs with Google Sheets.

Jamie Davidson

Veteran Amazon Seller & Co-Founder of Clarity6.ai

How to Re-target / Cross-Sell Amazon Buyers to Drive Sales Using AI

Speech Takeaways:

AI Driven Traffic Sources: Leverage various digital marketing channels such as SEO, social media, and email marketing to drive additional traffic to your Amazon listings and your own e-commerce website, enhancing visibility and exponentially growing sales.

Make AI Data-Driven Decisions: Utilize analytics to gain insights into customer behaviors and preferences across all your selling platforms. This information can guide your inventory, pricing, and marketing strategies, ensuring they are aligned with customer needs.

Automate for Efficiency: Implement automation across operations, customer service, and inventory management to improve efficiency.

Victor Rosenman

CEO & Founder of Feedvisor

Exploring the AI Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Amazon Selling


Speech Takeaways:


  • Understanding the AI Landscape: Gain insights into the latest advancements in AI technology and how they are transforming the way businesses operate on Amazon.
  • AI-Powered Tools and Their Limitations: Delve into the capabilities and constraints of AI-driven tools and features, and how sellers can effectively navigate these nuances to optimize their Amazon business.
  • Selecting the Right AI-Powered Tools for Your Business: Learn how to evaluate and choose the most suitable AI-driven tools and solutions to align with your business goals and objectives on Amazon.

Ed Rosenberg

Leader OF ASGTG Sellers community. E-commerce Professional for 25 years and has built multiple PL brands.

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Jon Derkits

Buying & Building Ecommerce Businesses | Ex-Amazon

Top 10 hacks that I'm using in my businesses heading into 2024.

Top tactics from the Top 1% of Amazon sellers that you can use in the New Year.

Traffic hacks to reduce your reliance on increasingly expensive Amazon PPC and juice your organic ranking through off-Amazon traffic.

Conversion hacks that will elevate your Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate above the competition.

AOV hacks that will increase your average product pricing and basket size.

Profitability hacks that will deliver more cash to your bank account.

Yael Cabilly

Yael is a highly acclaimed
E-commerce Lawyer And Suspension Expert

Beating Goliath: Fighting the Worst Legal Battles on Amazon.


In the session we're going to delve deep into some jaw-dropping, real-life legal horror stories that have affected Amazon sellers.


These stories include:

•  Amazon itself infringing on a seller's trademark and selling counterfeit goods;

•  Suspensions stemming from Amazon's unrealistic, sometimes non-existing, compliance standards;

•  Amazon removing FBA products and reselling them;

•  Highjackers impersonating as a brand owner to seize control of listings,

… and more tales about trademark disputes, account suspensions, and seemingly unsolvable patent issues.


Now, here's the exciting part – each of these stories has a positive outcome. We'll dissect the strategies we employed to navigate these legal hurdles and transform these nightmares into actionable lessons.

Tim Jordan

Chief Community Officer of Carbon6, Multi-brand seller, and consultant to some of the most influential companies in the Amazon ecosystem.

Ranking and Launching in 2024 – White-Hat Rocket Fuel to Get your Sales Flying

As competition changes on Amazon, advertising becomes more expensive, and big brands continue to professionalize on their Amazon presence, one thing is obvious: We must become masters at organic ranking and product launches. In his session, Tim will share the most impactful method for improving rank in the Amazon algorithm for keyword searches, following learning and data he has gathered over many years, but that is relevant to NOW. Not only will he share methods and processes, but he will also share REAL LIFE examples with ACTUAL case studies, showing how theory has been put into practice and been proven true. Tim’s content has been a crowd favorite at multiple ASGTG events, and there is no doubt that tradition will continue this year!

  • We will be going over a framework of effective traffic sources for Amazon listings, from paid ads to organic content to influencer marketing.
  • We will review best practices for paid ads that can be launched within a day, even for sellers with zero experience in running off-Amazon ads!
  • We will review case studies, showing the impact and effectiveness of external traffic, with real results shown from real campaigns

Jason Hanan

Co-Founder of MMX Distribution (Amazon Agency) and Azsellerkit (automated pricing software for private label sellers)

The Amazon Pricing Puzzle: cracking the code

Pricing launch strategies – latest tips and hacks on how to set slash through pricing most updated data on how ling that slash though pricing will last.

Understanding how to use pricing within variation listings (show examples from top sellers)

Explain how Amazon displays different variations in search for different keywords and how you can use that to your benefit

the power of multi packs on Amazon and how to use it to establish value and point your customer in the direction you want them to go through price

Mistakes we've made through pricing in different scenarios (i find mistakes resonate with the audience more than success stories - what not to do is always a more powerful way to teach than what to do)

The power of Subscribe and Save - how to dynamically price and understand the value of this Amazon tool

Business Pricing - when and how to effectively use this Pricing launch strategies - latest tips and hacks on how to set slash through pricing most updated data on how ling that slash though pricing will last

How to deal with Amazon competitive pricing polices across other marketplaces

Understanding Amazon fees and the affects on Margin - storage, returns, fba fees, advertising - make sure you are pricing for profit

Kevin King

Kevin is very selective now in where he speaks, but we’ve got him back for the 4th time in 2023 on the the ASGTG stage, where he'll provide some of his absolute best strategies for sellers at all levels to use to crush their competition.

21 Brand New Kool Kid Hacks for 2024
(and 3 secrets never before shared)
  • An all-new jam-packed presentation from the master of hacks and quick tips - Kevin King. Ger ready to have you mind blown. Best to start warming up your note taking hand now - because he will be going fast through the latest tactics, tools and strategies to make more money selling on Amazon and e-commerce in 2024. There’s something for everyone regardless of experience. Even the guys doing $100 million + are gonna be thrilled. Get to the room early - the halls outside will empty out and the room will be overflowing. Miss it at your own risk.

Mark Casey

Can Ai really take over? What makes a perfect listing How can you always be a step ahead

Ai vs Human Touch- design edition
  • What makes a perfect listing?
  • The tips and tricks no one speaks about, live listing teardown and everything to need to know to jump to that next level

Meny Hoofman

Founder of PTEX, MC at ASGTG event

Coming Soon

Kaleigh Miller

E-commerce executive,
Ex-Amazon, Ex-Tiktok

Social Commerce: What is it and how do Sellers win?
  • What is social commerce?
  • How does it work?
  • Who are the players?
  • How is it difference than traditional e-commerce?
  • Is social commerce here to stay or is it a fad?
  • Who is actively engaged with social commerce? Will this trend persist?
  • How is social commerce different from traditional e-commerce?
  • Fundamentals around the difference between selling channel (i.e., typical e-commerce storefront vs. video vs. live formats), policy considerations (i.e., content policy vs. listing policy), and marketing opportunities.
  • How do I succeed as a seller?
  • Tips and tricks for how to successfully launch a social commerce business.
    What are the top mistakes to avoid when venturing into social commerce?
  • Tips on what to avoid when selling via social media.
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