ASGTG event speakers always focus on actionable real life content & takeaways to implement next day. No pitching whatsoever is done.

Ed Rosenberg

Leader of ASGTG

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Leo Sgovio

Amazon seller and entrepreneur

• Driving External Traffic from Google
• Using Influencers to Boost Sales Velocity
• Pricing the product to boost CTR
• Stacking Coupons to increase the Conversion Rate

Edina Vontobel

Co-founder & chief merchandise officer - The Lion Group (Former executive at C21 department stores)

Dima Kubrak

Founder at Sellerise

Complete guide on asin optimization from million-dollar sellers
  • how to always win against your competition
  • the best “ethical” ways to steal traffic from your competition
  • content marketing and how to scale it within Amazon ecosystem
  • gaining free traffic from google and converting it into real sales on Amazon

Meny Hoffman

Founder of PTEX, MC at ASGTG event

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Kevin King

Serial Entrepreneur

Over 50 million Spanish speakers in USA.  Rank quickly on all the keywords they use.

  • Prevent Hijackers from changing your listing or adding ”trigger” words.
  • How to expose all the “unanswered” questions on your listing
  • Save thousands on UPS ground shipments and get faster, easier delivery in USA.
  • How to control which video appears in the Amazon Search Engine Results.
  • Be the best selling NEW RELEASE even if listing is years old.
  • Be sure to check your product type values – wrong one could be costing you sales.
  • And many more

Vanessa Hung


  • Most relevant SOPs to manage your account 
  • Backend Calibration to achieve efficiency – Work through the step-by-step to optimize the catalog’s backend 
  • Best management practices to be set up for success
  • Basic principles Algorithm of lost revenue 

Daniel Rafael

Founder & CEO - The Lion Group

  • The Love/Hate Relationship Between “Hot” Brands and Amazon
  • Being on Amazon Signifies Staying Relevant in Today’s Retail Landscape
  • The Re-seller Challenges of Transforming a Non-Transparent Relationship with their Arbitrage Brands to a Legitimate Partnership
  • How Strategic Partnerships with Resellers Can Help Brands Navigate the Challenges They Are Facing on Amazon and Improve Their Overall eCommerce Image and Customer Experience

Tyler's Gregg

VP of Strategic Initiatives of AMPD

  • Google Ads strategies for Pro Sellers
  • Advanced optimizations
  • How to improve conversion rates and Life time value with Google Ads

Matt Kubancik

Disrupting & Building Guardian Baseball

Matt Joyce

Former MLB All Star