Amazon Sellers Horror Stories. False Positive Suspensions And Ways to Resolve

 Amazon Sellers Horror Stories. False Positive Suspensions And Ways to Resolve

Amazon executives monitor social media and often resolve. Always make sure you first go through the formal process.

Since 2015 ASGTG has been the only free sellers group for legitimate sellers vying for a level playing field with black hat international sellers. This page will document some of the horrifying suspensions / Issues of legitimate sellers and if they were resolved. Many of these have gotten reinstated by these escalations. Most recent first.

To escalate your issue: post on Twitter and tag @amznsellerhelp (this is official Amazon). Make sure not to reach out to anyone else that reaches out. You can also tag @amazonasgtg

You can also post on ASGTG FB using #workWithUsAmazon . This is not official Amazon, but Amazon lawyers and executives follow this channel.

Sample Videos.

Related Account Nightmare
Seller losing hundreds of K for incorrect enforcement.
Down for 4 months, 96k taken with no explanation.
Bots not getting it.
One Bogus suspected IP complaint suspended.
One Bogus Suspected IP. Amazon rep says he’s NOT G-D but makes No Mistakes.
EPIC FAIL. Children’s Lunchbox is not being allowed back. A few hundred K lost.
High Pricing Errors.
10 Year Amazon seller — destroyed 4 selling authentic REPLICA items. Never been suspended in 10 years. Ouch
FBA Seller Locked OUT.
Travel Agent Lost Job because of a BOT
Both Destory this brand.
Amazon Business w/ 3 employees suspended, reinstated but still suspended.
Open 7 Years. 250K last year. 2.5 months. False-positive related. AH is giving diff accounts every time
Two months FALSE related suspension Business destroyed. 10’s of thousands lost. One call solves it
ED’s neighbor, Saleem Javed, had their business destroyed for false+ related suspension
Amazon Seller Forums most frequent poster suspended from posting — Her story Kika Angelic
Amazon unfairly suspended account. (A1YERU0V5CKTD4). Tim & Julie / REINSTATED!!!!!
“your desired use of Amazon Payments” How to avoid this violation? Amazon Seller Performance.
6 Years Amazon Seller. He was suspended since Oct 12 for not giving the root cause he didn’t do
Jody — Trying to prevent her Amazon Business from being destroyed AFRH9HVPV0G4O
Megan Dredge 187 Days Suspension — zero communication.